So, I have been mulling over how to begin my blog. There’s so much to talk about and where to start is vexing. With that, I’ll just shoot from the hip.

I have a weird way about me. That’s not an insult to self, but a mere observation. Being vulnerable is a common practice of mine. Taking a moment to feel before I speak and then saying what I feel, paying attention to not filter my words for self preservation purposes; this is normal for me.

It’s very obvious that this isn’t “normal” with people! LOL Sometimes though, it’s received with the like. The other day at Target, the checker asked me how I was doing today? “Well”, I told him, “I’m stoked that I was able to find so many vegan chicken nuggets available today!” I love these damn things! 12 grams of protein in just 4 of them!!! Isn’t that unreal?! I think I had about 7 bags on the belt! Before I could continue to unload on the wonderment and awe of these morsels of goodness and their nutritional benefits, the kid jumped right in! “Ya! Seriously! These are good! I’ve had them before! I think they were a different brand though…” We went on to talk about how ridiculous it is that these “conscious” companies are using non-recyclable packaging. Anyway, the point is that I had this completely unexpected and awesome conversation with this twenty-something year old gentleman in under a 2 minute period in a checkout line. It was rad. I realize that nugget conversations aren’t the deepest of waters to swim in, or even life changing, (these nuggets come close) BUT, the fact that this person had no reservation to hold a conversation with a stranger when they only expected a canned response of “I’m fine. How are you?” was fantastic! He was hungry for conversation and willing to play. I just love people in these moments.  MORE OF THAT PLEASE!!!

Opposite end of the spectrum;

Me- “You know, I think that you’re an amazing and intelligent person. I’m grateful to have met you!”………..

Them- “Ummmmmmm….well o.k., I don’t know how to react to that!”….Followed by the ever familiar “Symphony of the Crickets”.

Actually, the more accurate opposite end is the raised eyebrow and the half laugh…

I think that it’s mostly shocking to hear unguarded speaking. There’s like this unspoken level that usual conversation stays at that most people adhere to. I love to smash the hell out of that and watch what happens. When, or if I find a player, then it’s friends for life!

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