The other day I went to the infusion center for an iron boost. My darling hubby joined me to help pass the time. As the nurse lead me to my amply sized recliner, I began to feel disoriented. It felt like I had had a few glasses of wine in the car before coming in! Apparently this was obvious to the nurse. She looked at me with a bit of concern. Then, it occurred to me what was happening. “Do you happen to treat cancer patients here?” I asked her. “Yes, we do!” she said. Bingo! “I am a Medium.” I told her, “I’m feeling a lot of energy here…” Expecting an eye roll or an “ugh, ok”, she reacted oppositely. “Ah! I was wondering what was going on!” With a chuckle, she replied.  And then the download of information began.

Me: “May I ask you a question?”

The Nurse: Sure!

Me: Did you have a patient that recently passed away that was younger? She seems like she was rather young to die of cancer…

The Nurse: Yes. I know who you are talking about. She was in her 40’s….

Me: Yes. She was 42, about to be 43.

The Nurse: Exactly! Wow! You’re good!

She went off to gather my paraphernalia. She wasn’t shook in any way.

As I sat waiting, the name Ann kept repeating, over and over in an even tone. I turned to my hubby and told him what was happening. I told him that I wanted to ask her if she knew who this was, but I was nervous. What if I was wrong? He encouraged me to ask her anyway. “What do you have to loose?” he said.

I gathered up my courage and when she returned, I asked her if the name “Ann” meant anything to her.  She looked at me and stopped what she was doing. “Did you say Ann? Yes! That name means a lot to me! I can’t believe you just said Ann. Ann was someone who was very important to us here. She was close to all of the nurses here. So she’s here???”

“Well, she’s showing me a big bouquet of flowers and wants you to know how much she cares for you guys too. She says that you are just as important to her as she was to you, and that you made things easier for her. She really appreciated what you did for her. She wants you to be sure and tell all of the nurses how she feels.”

She said that she would do so, and then walked away for a bit. Quite honestly, I was reeling. The names and energies kept pouring through to me. I understood that I was feeling disoriented because I was feeling people who had passed ages ago, as well as newly; from old to young. I was also feeling the emotions of those that were grieving within the walls of the hospital, both past and present. I don’t know that they all wanted to connect, necessarily; but it was a fantastic learning experience for me. The sheer volume of what was coming through was far more than I had ever experienced. It was awesome, wonderful and so very human. It was as though I was observing lifetimes of relationships between loved ones as well as the desperate desires, by both sides, to reconnect with one another.

Each experience that I have like this fuels my understanding of why I was given this gift.

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